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Sep 20 21: 12:52pm
Mtn Water went through to fill up a (Benny's?) tank. Doubt they even moved the sign.

Sep 20 21: 12:47pm
Smokey dokey at the WS valley end, shiiish. Clear as a bell mid-N Baldwin. East is least again.

2N02 forest closed sign has been moved over, I've only noticed one local go through since the closure. Not that I stare at it...

Sep 20 21: 11:09am
Hey scm. That allergic reaction at mt home isn’t mt home. I think it should be called the frustration corridor.

Sep 20 21: 11:04am
Running Springs Fire: Currently, there are no fires burning in our local mountains. Heavy drift smoke will be present for the next few days.

Sep 20 21: 10:55am
Yawn.... Still trying to wake up here....

Ken E
Sep 20 21: 10:50am
Good morning all. Have a great day

Sep 20 21: 10:02am
KK ..same with me but at least we all had some fun, and back to work!

Sep 20 21: 09:59am
Back to the Monday chores.

Sep 20 21: 09:56am
Reminds me of how it used to be around here. Just fun chat!

Sep 20 21: 09:47am

Sep 20 21: 09:47am
KK I got the puppy dancing too...maybe we can do this.....or maybe not....but effort is everything.

Sep 20 21: 09:45am

Sep 20 21: 09:45am
Wow in Kansas...well my little bit of ash here in Grass Valley ain't nothing compared to your story.

Sep 20 21: 09:44am
It is crazy how it can travel.

Sep 20 21: 09:40am
It's amazing how far ash can float given the right conditions. While driving home from the east coast, ash from the Mt. St. Helen eruption coated my car when I made a stop in Kansas.

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